Index 8040225P High Pressure A/C switch R12


310psi set-- Normally Closed-- 1/4 F Schrader Housing-- Weatherpack connector-- A/C High Press Fan switch R12

Heavy duty pressure switch. Made in the USA. Fast, stable and accurate circuit control for up to a million or more cycles. Proven performance in severe, high vibration environments. Applications include: Air, Oil, Fuel. Low pressure warning and shutdown. Air Conditioning systems. Transmissions. Hydraulic Systems.

Cross Reference: 8040225P
Other Cross References: 2218018, 650798, 232-8517, 1388, TWDMEI1388, ZGG11058, 71R-6445, RD-5-10351-0P, 11-3231 501531, TK6411, 3948743